CCTV Service

“Click Valley Outsourcing & online Shopping professionally install, service, and maintain everything we install, and never use subcontractors. Our thousands of clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which is what, sets us apart drastically in the industry. As specialists in video surveillance systems and technology, our clients rely on our SMART security camera systems to protect their investments.Our SMART DVR Surveillance Systems (with System Health Monitoring) take peace of mind to a whole new level. This Technology was born out of our passion to go far beyond just good customer service.We realized that the only way to take excellent care of our clients is to create & build SMART CCTV technology into every one of our surveillance systems.SMART is an acronym for System Monitoring Alert Response Technology.

 SMART CCTV Technology:

  • Will self-diagnose the surveillance system and send periodic status reports to you.
  • Will request service from us when the DVR, NVR, or cameras require service and notify you as well.
  • Will perform automatic back-ups to avoid the loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood, or natural disaster.
  • Has unlimited recording capability, which is available for life.

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Cctv Service